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  • Magic 8 shape
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Paulownia wood core for lightness
  • Deep grooved centered bottom channels
  • BOONT Base, High Density/Abrasion Resistance
  • Reinforced with Latvian birch and Carbon 4x4 insert pax
  • Tip/Tail Concave for better stability on landing and lock on pipes

Flex: "Radial TipTale" + "Stiffened belly" and our special inserts give you that secret recipe of flex and soft landings

Riders: All levels

137 6 cm 43 cm
141 6.5 cm 44.5 cm
144 7 cm
44.5 cm
147 7.5 cm 44.5 cm

“The magic eight”
 park board shape – Brings rider to a whole another level of edging.

“Spider silk” fiberglass coating – to optimize flex and durability.

“The Duck Mc Duck” lip – Gives unbelievable fluent lock on presses and significantly increases board control when edging hard.

“Radial TipTale” – From the very end of the inserts to Tip and Tail of the board, thickness reduces giving you that spicy pop out of obstacles and live feel when cruising.

“Stiffened belly” – To optimize flex and landing we designed board solid between your feet and springy more to tip and tail. Stiff belly maintains speed after landings and pop of water.

“Titanium rocker” – Our continuous rocker is designed so that even after thousands of hours in park it remains rocker line and minimal drag on a surface.

Durable park base

Special reinforced with Latvian birth 4x4 pax which we put on the board separately to not interrupt the live flex of Powlina wood core.

“Deep grooved centered bottom channels”

Our channels are closer to the center than any other board in the market which lets you change the cutting edge in the process of the cutting. 

When cutting easy to kickers, sliders and cruising board goes more as channel less but when getting’ your as close to water board literally grips in and cut’s its way to kicker / air release / slider.

The name of this board comes for a reason, endless hours of comparing board outline shapes and their behavior on water and not only we decided to collide few of them in one and the result is stunning.

The board is built so that cutting edge from your heel to heel and toe to toe is almost straight slightly to the center of the board which brings you to whole new edging experience.

By reducing outline width between your boots you receive an aggressive cutting machine that in addition with stiff rocker belly and deep centered channels gives you water release with ease and meantime you don’t lose any when cruising around pickin’ coins from slides.

To increase stability on landings and when hitting rails sideways we added extra surface after bindings which makes the board less responsive to sudden body movement. And to tap it all of we added "The Duck Mc Duck" lip which gives you lock into the press and when edging out for massive air it significantly increases board control.